Mens Muffin Baking

10 Feb 2014

Every year some of our more domesticated men participate in the Chudleigh Show Mens Muffin Baking competition.  Our esteemed president John Dare has managed to win many of the competitions, many beleive his success is due to 'creative persuasion ($$)'!  Well last year, despite John's best efforts at persuading the judges, the Bennett family walked away with the top prizes.

Download the Flyer HERE

Now apparently there's rules that apply to this competition....

  1. You must be a man
  2. You must cook the muffins yourself
  3. You must cook the muffins on the night prior to the show
  4. Training is legal however considered sissy

And then there are the 'deal clenchers' (also considered sissy ... but apparently the ladies reckon these help)

  • Put them in one of those paper cup thingies...?
  • Make them look 'shiny' ... (tip: polish/varnish doens't work!)
  • Stick something out the top which indicates the theme of the muffin (eg blueberry, cinamon, 'Unsafe for Human Consumption' sign)

So there you have it, a competition for 'blokes' who can

  • plan ahead
  • practice
  • cook
  • know what a 'theme' means

... yeah right!!



Location of Chudleigh Show